Sunday, September 21, 2014

Young Adult Magazine interviews Dexter Darden

Young Adult Magazine talks all things TMR and Frypan with Dexter Darden.

Here are the highlights:

On playing Frypan:
It's been an Honor! As an actor you get the opportunity to bring others’ words or visions to life. Being Frypan has allowed me to bring the image that thousands of young people have in their mind to life. When they read the book, they now envision me, and that in itself is a HUGE HONOR! Also working with this CAST has been amazing! We all became so close! I was just blessed to be a part of this unit!

On what he's most excited to see on screen:
I was excited to see the final fight scene! It took us a week to shoot that scene, so I was excited to see how it would play in the film. Needless to say I was not disappointed! I am excited for everyone to see what Grievers looks like. Our director Wes Ball did such a good job visually crafting these things. They will definitely have you on the edge of your seat!

On fun behind the scenes moments:
O yea!!! As I said the cast got so close, so we were always joking around and messing with each other on set. There were prank wars, water fights, rap battles, and we were always cracking jokes. I was normally behind the pranks and jokes with Dylan and Will, but even I got pranked! Frypan wears a big ole cooking apron with tons of Knives and pockets. Towards the second week of shooting I started getting Love Letters in my pockets from an anonymous source. Saying that she loved me and thought I was cute and left a phone number. This went on for weeks! About 1 month later I found out the letters were coming from my brother Will Poulter! HE got me good! 

On the best professional advice he's received:
The Legendary Paul Newman told me something I will never forget: "Auditioning is the job. Booking is the reward." Pretty much saying even though I have had amazing opportunities, I can’t take those for granted. I have to remain hungry for what I do, so that I can keep doing what I love.

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