Thursday, September 25, 2014

Philly Star features TMR

The Philly Star features TMR talk with Wes, Kaya, and Dylan.

Here are the highlights:

Wes on casting:
We weren’t looking at faces, we weren’t looking at good looks, all that stuff — fortunately, we are okay in that department, too — but we found good actors that can be truthful. I wanted spectacle with an emotional core to it. I can’t just have shiny pictures.

Dylan on his audition:
 I was coming off work, I had hair and make-up and I was, like, ‘Oh, this is going to be great,’ yet it turned off the director. Things are funny like that. You don’t think about that. You kind of feel that directors understand that your hair could change and, you know, funny enough, I always roll out of bed and go to auditions and I’ll get flagged for, like, being dirty-looking. They are, like, ‘You should be more handsome like a leading man!’

Dylan on the metaphor of the Maze:
These movies have an undercurrent of metaphorical things and very much involve with growing up and being a teenager and what’s it like to be a teenager. The maze is a metaphor for growing up, for being a teenager.

Kaya on the public's interest in dystopian worlds:
Because it’s the unknown. We are just so aware of where we are in the world right now. We are sharing pictures of handbags on Instagram and things like that. We know this world. It’s not that great. Nothing is really happening. When you look for generations in history of young people, they have a movement — something happens in that generation. We haven’t done really anything. Nothing’s really happened apart from selfies. As a movement, as a group of teens, we haven’t had a thing. We are kind of fascinated with knowing what we could do, if we could be great, if we could actually accomplish something again, you know, the common man becoming the hero thing.

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