Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thomas featured in Interview Magazine

Thomas was featured by Interview Magazine about TMR, Game of Thrones, musical leanings, and more.

On deciding to pursue acting:
It didn't take much persuasion. If you find something you're good at and you enjoy doing it and you're able to make a living out of it, that's what everyone strives for. I already had that at 10.

On his knowledge of the other cast members:
No, I knew of them, but I didn't know them personally. When I agreed to do it, I think Will was already attached and Kaya was already attached. I remember seeing their work for years and always really liking both of them, and Aml [Ameen] as well, who plays Alby. So I knew the Brits fairly well. I didn't know the Americans, but I knew if they'd cast those guys, then the whole cast was probably going to be quite good. I was pleased to see they'd gone for good quality, talented actors. When I got to the States, it became apparent that this is going to be better than I thought it was going to be, which was nice. Meeting [the director] Wes [Ball], I realized, "This guy's a bit of a visionary and I think he's going to have a good hold of the film." Basically, my experience of it got better and better the more I saw of it. I'd never done a big Fox teen movie before; I didn't really know what I was getting myself involved with. I thought I'd like to try it. But everyone involved—Wes and the whole cast and Enrique [Chediak], our director of photography, one of the most important people—was very, very passionate about it and treated it like a proper film, as opposed to just another YA-type, moneymaker. A lot of care and attention went into it and that's always nice, on any project.

On his musical tendencies:
I play bass. I play a bit of guitar. I've never been to a lesson, so my theory of music is non-existent in any instrument, but we always had guitars around. My dad taught me to play drums for Love Actually, and I still play drums now. But I'm not a "drummer."  I'm not a "guitarist." I'm trying to be a bassist. 

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