Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Critical Reviews Roundup

Reviews of The Maze Runner have been coming in and we'll add more as they come in!

VarietyAs world-creation YA pictures go, “The Maze Runner” feels refreshingly low-tech and properly story-driven, based on James Dashner’s popular 2009 fantasy novel. Much of the action unfolds in a large field, and the spidery thingies that crawl out of the woodwork to afflict a band of boys trying to escape a mysterious confinement have an old-fashioned, bio-mechanical charm. 

The Hollywood ReporterAlthough the principal protagonists’ survival is never seriously in doubt, it’s threatened frequently enough to maintain interest, so with anticipation regarding the novel’s adaptation already running high, the release is likely to see substantive response from teens and Dashner’s literary fans.

HitFix:  There's a confidence to that decision, and certainly Fox knows that they've made a solid, respectable adventure movie that should work well for the intended audience.

The WrapKudos to casting director Denise Chamian for making the inhabitants of the Glade such a diverse and interesting group — we're forced to meet a lot of characters at once, but the movie wisely casts young actors with interesting faces (Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, Will Poulter, Blake Cooper) who register quickly and then hold our attention throughout the film.

ABC Radio BrisbaneThe Maze Runner establishes its intriguing premise within a matter of minutes and it held my attention for its full two hour running time (impressive since I’m easily distracted).  The film’s key hook is clearly the aura of mystery that it creates.  Where did the kids come from?  Who built the maze?  Why are they there?

Urban Cinefile: Adapted from a novel by James Dashner, there's an appealing protagonist to root for and the screenplay allows the reality to be well fleshed out so we understand the boundaries and ground rules. It's an intriguing mix of elements and genres with enough differences to make it feel fresh and director Wes Ball handles the material well. Dylan O'Brien, who plays Thomas, the protagonist through whose eyes we make our journey, is the film's greatest asset, with his distinctive fine bone structure, a sensitive disposition and charismatic presence.

Badass DigestWes Ball makes his feature directorial debut with The Maze Runner, and he hits the ground running. He leaves space for the actors to find the characters while also maintaining a pace that propels everything along into the larger mystery of just what the glade is.

Keysmash BlogGreat action, great emotion, great suspense, and these faces. Can’t go wrong if you ask me.

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