Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kaya talks with PopSugar

PopSugar talked with Kaya on the TMR set about being the sole girl on set, meeting Dylan, and more!

Check out the highlights below!

On meeting Dylan:
It was crazy. We really did have that. I loved him straight away. He turned up and hadn't slept. He was on an all-night flight, and he was really polite. We talked, and I really liked him. I could tell straightaway he wasn't a fame boy, and he was really talented and a cool guy. All the boys do love him. There's genuine bromance between them, to the point where I think they're going to kiss. I'm like, "OK, we get it, you love each other."

First time on set:
Absolutely terrifying. Not only is it my first big American film, but it's a cast of boys. I was like, "I'm going to be the only girl, and I'm going to get all emotional. They're going to hate me, I'm going to complain about the bugs, and they're going to think I'm stupid." Actually, the first thing I said to the cast was that I was really gassy on the plane. That gave us kind of a nice, even level.

On auditioning with an American accent:
No, I auditioned back home in England on tape, and I did an American accent. Luckily they liked it. They wanted to keep it American, which is a nice compliment. I'm surrounded by the boys all the time, and they've taught me American sayings and phrases.

On franchise potential:
Yeah, you see pictures of people not being able to go in the street. I wanted to be employed and work hard and be able to buy a house someday, and that's what I'm focusing on. We all want this film to be really good, and we're all doing it because we believe in the story and the script. We're not doing it because we want hundreds of people to follow us down the street.

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