Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thomas talks with Teen

Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks all things TMR with Teen!

Here are the highlights:

On how he became Newt:
I heard about it through my agent. They sent me the scripts, and I read it and really liked the premise of it. I like the way that it was about a bunch of boys put together... To survive, they had to unite and come together and support one another and I liked that a lot about it, and then I just put myself down on tape. I originally went down for Newt and for Gally. Will, who plays Gally, he also went for Newt and for Gally. Then I didn't hear back for... two or three months? I just believed that I hadn't got it, and suddenly they called me up and said, 'You got it,' and that was it.

On cast member who he'd take into the Maze with him:
Oh, I don't know... Dylan, he's actually very quick, he's actually a good runner, he groundbreaks fast, but then he'd just leave me behind. *laughs* Yeah, I'd go with Dylan; he's funny too.

On forming bromances on set:
Oh yeah, of course, everyone. It was a set full of boys, and we genuinely really like each other an awful lot, we got along very well, and respected one another as professionals as well. I like them all, I do. I mean, they're all very, very different people. We work really well as a group. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was very hot, and in that way it was quite stressful. There were a lot of snakes and spiders around, BUT what was great was that everyone was so relaxed and everyone was just having a good time and wanted to be there and got an awful lot into what they’re doing. So in between shots it was just a laugh; it was just fun, every minute.

On The Scorch Trials:
Not really. I've been told that we go ahead at, like... the end of October? Something like that? I haven't seen a script or anything like that. I suppose it'd have to depend on how it does in the box office, the first one. But yeah, we'll get to make it.

On if Dylan was the Teresa to his Thomas, telepathy wise, what would be on Dylan's mind:
We'd probably try to think of the weirdest thoughts. Or be in a situation where we'd try to say the same thing at the same time.

On keeping in touch with the cast:
Yes, completely. We all have a group chat/texting thing, so we're always texting. Or when we're doing a bit of press and stuff, others will fly out to see us because we're getting together in NY or fly out to LA. Yeah, we're still very much in touch. It's really nice. We're friends for life.

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