Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dexter Darden talks with Dudley Media Group

Dudley Media Group talks with our Frypan, Dexter Darden, about set life, Frypan, and more.

Here are the highlights:

On how people can connect with Frypan:
I think Fry Pan is definitely all about the community of the glade and I think that’s what people will connect with. He cooks, he’s the chef of the glade and the only time people will come together is when they sit down and have a meal so he’s really about allowing Thomas to have a huge advantage but also giving Gally, played by Will Poulter, the opportunity to voice his opinion as well. He’s predominately the comedic relief and also the one who just wants to make sure that everybody has a say and that everybody is taken into consideration.

On how close of an adaptation it is:
It’s very, very, very similar. Our director Wes Ball did the best he could to keep it on track so that fans wouldn’t be upset. It’s definitely hard transferring a book of that caliber and that style to film because some things will play and some things won’t play on camera. James Dashner has given it the okay and we’ve done a lot of fan screenings too and not one fan has come back with a negative remark about it being different from the books. I think we stayed on track to keep it very similar and keep it very true to the book. The cool thing about being in a book series that’s turned into a movie and also the scary thing is kids read these books, young adults and teens read these books and they get an idea or vision of what a character looks like or what the Glade will look like and when it’s all brought to screen in a certain way we are then that image for the rest of their lives. It’s exciting but it’s also scary because you don’t want to disappoint any of the fans.

On the filming process:
It was exciting because the Maze in the Glade our director wanted that all to be real so they literally built a maze in the glade with moving doors. It was exciting to see these giant walls moving and that the production team actually cared about it and really put forth a huge effort. There were also times when it looks like we’re running through doors but we were really running through a green screen and our director was yelling at us the things that were supposed to be coming at us. To see how it all played on screen was exciting because people can’t tell the difference between the real maze and the CGI maze and I think that’s amazing.

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