Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cast talk TMR with XFinity

Kaya, Dylan, Will, and Dexter talked all things TMR with Xfinity.

Here are the highlights:

Will on making Gally less of a villain:
Yeah, I feel really blessed. I’ve been trusted with a challenge, so I’m grateful to Fox and [director Wes Ball], in particular, for that. With Gally, what we tried to do – and I think you’re right, I think he is a villain in the books – was try to make Gally more understandable, a little bit more rational, bring a bit more justification to him as a character and the way he went about things. I think it was easy to just kind of hate him, whereas I hope in the movie you can empathize with him on occasion and kind of understand where he’s coming from, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. I think Thomas certainly has the right idea, but Gally makes some kind of valid points against him at times. He’s just a bit of a douchebag.

On Dylan being the Beyonce of the Teen Wolf cast:
All: [laughs]
O’Brien: That’s so funny.
Poulter: He’s got the cutest booty, too.
O’Brien: Yeah, it only comes to play at those random things where I’m doing press for the movie and they’re there with the show and I have to have a whole different agenda for the day and I can’t be with them. At Comic Con, it was so weird. As an actor, I’m just excited that I got to do this and excited that it worked out at all. We literally shot this movie in the eight weeks that I had off with “Teen Wolf” and it almost didn’t even happen for a second. It’s so cool that it worked out and that I got to go do something else. I have two roles now… that I’ve done.

On free time on set:
Darden: We formed such a brotherhood. Even Kaya. I know she’s the only girl and she’s like a sister – she likes being part of the brotherhood. She’s like one of us as well. There was no difference in anything. We became so close as a cast and we were a strong support system for each other. Being able to have that vibe and camaraderie and be able to lean on each other whenever it was needed was amazing.
O’Brien: We’re also probably the most emotional group of dudes. If I had nickel for every time someone’s asked, “There’s gotta be a lot of testosterone!” I’m like, dude, you should see how we see each other and we’re always giving big hugs and kisses.
Poulter: Kaya’s there like, “Pull it together! Are they cuddling again?”

On Blake Cooper:
O’Brien: Yeah, I really loved Blake [Cooper]. He’s such a great kid. He impressed me. I would always forget that he was 12. He would always shine in the most hilarious moments. Like, you know… when he was just eating all the blueberries.
Poulter: [laughs]
O’Brien: He’s so funny. “These blueberries! They’re amazing! Did you have any?” He had two cups. Two full cups. He’s such a great kid. He’s so sweet. He’s also just so aware for his age and he’s so smart and he’s such a great actor. I’m always so in awe of him. We had such a brotherly relationship, but I’m so in awe of him because I could have never done what he’s doing at his age.

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