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Kaya and Dylan talk with visited the set of The Maze Runner and talked with Kaya and Dylan!

Check out the highlights below:

Kaya on expectations versus reality of being the only girl on set:
"Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Not only is it my first big American film, but it's a full cast of boys, so I was like, 'Oh, I’m gonna be the girl. I'm gonna be all emotional and they're gonna hate me. And I'm gonna complain about the bugs, and they're gonna think I'm stupid' and all these things, but one of my best friends back at home is a boy and I've kind of been brought up around boys, so I'm quite comfortable with them. The first thing I actually said to them when I met them was that I was really gassy on the plane. And I think that kinda gave us a nice even level, and we bonded really quickly — with all of them."

Kaya's thoughts on reading the book:
"I hadn't before I heard about the project. Once I started hearing about it, I read the first book, The Maze Runner. I didn't wanna read the whole trilogy purely because these kids have no memory. They don’t know what's happened, or what is going to happen, so I thought it'd be best just to stick with the first one and I absolutely loved it."

Kaya on Thomas and Teresa's relationship book versus movie:
"I think that they know they've met each other before. They have memories; fragments of memories from before that they know no one else has. So they know that they are connected somehow. We've tried really hard to focus on their relationship being a friendship; a connection that could possibly become more. But in this movie, it doesn't. We didn't want it to be a cheesy love story because these kids are trapped in a maze and they're trying to get out. That’s the most important thing. We wanted to keep that real. So the focus is on them trying to work as a team; to work out why they're important, why they're different and what that means for everyone else."

Kaya on survivalist training:
"I was involved. My involvement really consisted of watching the boys do it. But I did join in a little bit. But my character arrives, and then the next day they escape, so... But I did get into — I learned how to make a raft. I jumped around a bit and we did some drills, and we actually camped out in The Glade overnight, which was the best experience. That was the best way to understand the nature and the animals and the noise. Just us — me and 15 guys and two survivalists in the middle of Louisiana. What could go wrong? There was a thunderstorm — that's what went wrong. From 3 o'clock in the morning, none of us slept, but I was terrified. I've never been so scared in my life. I've never seen lightning that looks like strobe lightning in a night club. It was unbelievable. We don’t have storms like that in England. I was convinced that we were going to flood and drown and die. They all looked after me and it was fine. We made it out alive."

Kaya on doing her own stunt work:
"I do! I don't have any crazy, crazy stuff to do. That was one of the things that attracted me about the project. I've never been a sporty person at all. I don't exercise, I eat s*** food, I’m awful. I read the script and I was like, 'Can I physically do this without passing out?' But I thought, 'I wanna do that. I wanna push myself to be running around all day with a load of boys and hold my own.' And I feel like I have; I feel like I've done quite well. There’s been a couple of times where I've been like, *moans* 'Take me home.' But they've all kept me going; they've all said, 'You can do it.' They've never made fun of me; they've never tried to put me down or tried to say, 'You're the girl. You're not good enough.’ They've been so supportive. With the whole cast, they all wanted us to do really well. So I feel like I've got to do all the action stuff."

Kaya on her wardrobe:
"I had long conversations about the outfits at first and I was like, 'Please, don't put me in shorts and thigh-high boots and a tank top. It's not about that.' And they've been great. They've sort of been like, ‘No, we have to think about this. She’s just come up from the book. We'll have one outfit.' And this [motioning to her attire] is her outfit. And it’s comfortable, it's light, but they're not trying to make me look sexy, which is great. Like no makeup, dirty all the time, which I love. Five minutes in the morning getting ready. I can stay in bed for an extra half an hour, it’s great. They wanted to have a very natural look to their surroundings. We all kind of blend in. Especially when filming in The Glade, which is all outside. We all sort of fit into the environment. So that was what was important. We get dirty every day. No glamour."

Dylan on seeing himself as Thomas:
"No, I keep thinking about it — it's funny because I actually didn't at first. I didn't think I was right for it mainly because I didn't get called back at first for, like, a month and a half, so I must've not been right for it. But now that we’re shooting it and we've been in production all this time, I can’t believe I wasn't going crazy for not getting the callback because it’s [the kind of] role I've always wanted to play."

Dylan on relating to Thomas's 'good intentioned rebel' nature:
"I've always been the same way. I have different ways of thinking. I'm not shy about them either. And that could sometimes strike people in a certain way. Like, just because you're adamant about what you believe in, but I've always been that way and that’s something that's really primal in Thomas as well, so I think that’s why I can play it, or relate to it and understand him."

For more of their interview check out the rest of Kaya and Dylan's!

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James talks TMR with Showcase Cinemas

James talks all things TMR series, the adaptation process, and more with Showcase Cinemas!

Check out the highlights below:

Was it always going to be a trilogy?
Yes. When I mapped out the story, it fit perfectly into a Three-Act tale. 

Reading the book, it all begins with a rip-roaring start, it captures you (excuse the pun!) and its cinematic qualities are apparent. Did you have thoughts as to the world of film when writing the book?
Oh, absolutely. As much as I like books, movies are my real and deepest love. And when I write, I always think cinematically and envision it that way in my head. Then I try to transform that into words on a page.

Can you tell us a few of the films that have influenced you?
Oh, man. So many films, so little time. I guess I'll just name a few that pop into my head immediately. The Matrix, Inception, The Shining, Goonies, E.T., Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Terminator, Back to the Future, Stand By Me, Lord of the Rings. I could go on and on and on!

We love the fact you really buy into the confusion and fear of the boy we come to know as Thomas, we learn as he learns about the Glade and the world outside and into the Maze, which will make for a great opening for the film; can you talk us through the book becoming a film?
The book was optioned almost at the very beginning, and it had its ups and downs before 20th Century Fix got really serious about it two years ago. I didn't have any real power over the film, but luckily for me, Fox wanted me involved and were incredibly great about it. I consulted on the script but didn't write it. That's not my expertise. But I was so, so happy with it. I was in constant contact with the director and producer, went to the set twice, went to see them score the film, and now Fox is including me in all of the publicity. I'm so happy with how it's all come together. 

It's the feature debut of director Wes Ball, when did he come on board and what can you tell us about him as a director?
Wes Ball is a genius. At this point, that may seem like I'm just being biased and trying to sell him. But in a few months, everyone will realize it's the truth. He is a visionary genius, and he made a spectacular film with a very modest budget. I really think it's something special. He'd been signed to Fox to adapt his own short film, Ruin, which you can go watch on YouTube. It's amazing. But before that, they asked him to bring in concept art and his overall vision for The Maze Runner. They were sold immediately and asked him to be the director.

We've loved the trailer here at Showcase, James. It must have been a huge buzz to have seen the 20th Century Fox logo and then The Maze Runner on screen together?
That's so funny you say that! Because it was a HUGE buzz. I mean, come on. You're talking to a Star Wars nerd, who was an actual kid when those movies came out. And everyone remembers how they started: with the drums and the iconic Fox logo. To see that attached to a movie based on a book I wrote…Indescribable. And I'm a writer! I think the trailer really opened a lot of  peoples' eyes that this is a film to take seriously.

A great young cast, with lots of British presence, what can you tell us about them, James?
How cool is it, I mean, seriously, how cool is that we have FOUR cast members from "across the pond" as we say over here. Or is it you guys that say that? I don't know. Anyway, I'm so thrilled that we nabbed Will Poulter, Aml Ameen, Kaya Scodelario, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. They are so fantastic, and treated me with so much respect and genuineness. Meeting the cast was such a thrill for me. I feel like their crazy uncle now. I've never seen so much hugging and laughing and camaraderie. We did also give one or two parts to non-English, believe it or not. Dylan O'Brien as Thomas, Ki Hong Lee a Minho… I mean, they're all just so fantastic. I don't even know what else to say. The acting performances are top notch. I love what Wes Ball say: He hopes that someday people will look back at this film as they do movies like Taps, or Lost Boys, or American Graffiti, where just can't believe that so many future starts were in one film.

 Make sure to check out the rest of this insightful interview with James at the source!

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TMR Promo Tour: Miami

Kaya, Dylan, and Will headed to Miami to promote TMR in their second tour stop!

ABC Family Exclusive Access to TMR

During the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars we got a TMR sneak peek from the cast!

Minecraft Machination: The Maze Runner

In super cool news, TMR is now Minecraft-ed!

What do you think, Gladers? Would you play this version of Minecraft?

Featurette: Making of TMR

Check this amazing behind the scenes footage of the making of The Maze Runner featuring wilderness training, filming scenes, and of course, the official foreign trailer!

Cast talks TMR with Trailer-Check

Check out these brilliant on-set cast interviews!

Aml Ameen on Alby and Newt's leadership, working with Kaya and Dylan, and more.

Blake Cooper on Thomas and Chuck's relationship, the Greenie life, and more.

Dylan O'Brien on Thomas's curious nature, Thomas and Minho's relationship, mystery of the Grievers, and more.

Kaya Scodelario on working with Wes, energetic and focused Dylan, beauty of the Glade, and more.

Ki Hong Lee on Thomas proving himself, Minho's determination, naturalistic set, and more.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster on the Glade's hierarchy, preservation and unity of the Gladers, and more.

Jacob Latimore on Jeff's med-jack role, Wes's enthusiasm, and more.

Will Poulter on Teresa's feisty and intelligent nature, bootcamp, and more.

New TV Spots

Check out the latest action-packed TMR TV spots!

We're so excited! Which one's your favorite so far?

Source Via 

Preview the TMR Score

Check out the brilliant preview of John Paesano's TMR film score!

Can't wait to hear the score in the film! Which track is your favorite? 

Dylan at the VMAs

Dylan attended the MTV VMAs on Sunday to present 5SOS's performance and for a special TMR announcement!

Waking Up in the Box: Alby

The latest Waking Up in the Box with Alby!

Check out the first installment: Waking up in the Box: Thomas
Second installment: Waking up in the Box: Newt
Third installment: Waking up in the Box: Chuck

Alby moved to the center of the dark metal box and sat down. He pulled his legs under him and forced himself to breathe slowly. Calmly.

He didn't understand what was going on. But he could feel it. He could feel the memories evaporating from his mind. He concentrated.

Focused. Threw all of his mental strength into grasping one last glimpse of his life. He saw devastation. Suffering. Death. Pain. Disease.

But in the midst of it all, he saw a man and a woman, in love. He saw trees and sunshine. He saw a beautiful boy. And he tried to smile.

Then it was gone. All gone. The box lurched to a halt. There was an awful grating sound. Light shone down from above, blinding him.

Stay tuned for next week's installment with MazeRunnerBooks!

io9 Q&A with James Dashner

James recently did a Q&A with iO9 about all things The Maze Runner!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Clip: Survive

Check out the rules of being a Runner with Minho and Thomas!

Can it be September 19th yet?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TMR Promo Tour: LA

The cast take their press tour to LA to present a press screening, Extra taping, and more!

TMR will be shown in IMAX

It was announced that The Maze Runner will also be shown in IMAX!

According ComingSoon.Net:

"We're thrilled to be able to present visionary director Wes Ball's 'The Maze Runner' in the immersive IMAX experience, which will enthrall audiences world wide," commented Chris Aronson, President of Domestic Distribution, 20th Century Fox.

"After seeing 'The Maze Runner,' this is an ideal and very cinematic adaptation that is ripe for IMAX moviegoers," said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment. "With 'The Maze Runner,' we're not only thrilled to add this exciting and action-packed film to our Fall slate but also pleased to be in business with Fox."

It's a limited one-week IMAX engagement, so don't miss it!

JustJared TMR Fan Screening in LA

JustJared organized a lovely fan screening of TMR and Q&A with the cast in LA. Check out all of the details from the cast below!

Empire Magazine features Kaya

Check out this gorgeous shot of Kaya courtesy of Empire Magazine!

Waking Up in the Box: Chuck

The latest Waking Up in the Box with Chuck!

Check out the first installment: Waking up in the Box: Thomas
Second installment: Waking up in the Box: Newt

Darkness had swallowed Chuck's world, to the point that he couldn't remember what it had been like to be in the light.

Everything was noisy and cold and smelly. He sat within some kind of box, clanking as it steadily moved upward. Up and up and up.

His mind was a fuzzy mess, like sugar dissolving in cheap lemonade. He threw all his efforts into focusing on one thing. Only one. His mom.

As if she was on the other side of a thickening wall, he could barely hold onto her memory. Her sweet face, her soft touch. Her kind words.

Then she was gone. As if torn from his mind with a metal hook, ripped away, stolen. He started to forget the forgetting. Sadness filled him.

Stay tuned for next week's installment with MazeRunnerBooks!

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TMR UK Promo Masterpost

The Maze Runner cast and director Wes Ball did promo for the film and we have a full recap below!

Dylan takes over MTV UK's Twitter

Dylan took over MTVUK's Twitter account while doing TMR promo in London!

Here's the whole Twitter chat:

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TMR Vine Sneak Peeks

Check out the latest TMR Vine sneak peek!

Danger is lurking right in front of you. #MazeRunner

There's no escape. #MazeRunner

James chats TMR with Random House Kids

James talks the origins of TMR, the adaptation process, and more with Random House Kids!

SUVUDU Q&A with James

SUVUDU Universe hosted an insightful Q&A with James Dasher and his executive editor Krista Marino! Check out our recap below (spoiler warning!):

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Clip: Griever in the Glade

James Dashner introduces a new clip exclusive to Walmart featuring loads of panic over the Grievers entering the Glade!

New Clip: Good Job

Check out the latest The Maze Runner to see Minho struggling to get Alby out of the Maze and Thomas's split-second decision at the end.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Noah Oppenheim talks TMR Trailer

Screenwriter Noah Oppenheim has an in depth discussion on The Insiders. Make sure to check it out below for loads of interesting tidbits about the adaptation process and the film itself! 

New Clip: The Doors

Check out the newest The Maze Runner clip featuring the Maze's Doors!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Featurette: James Dashner Visits Set

Check out the second The Maze Runner featurette of James Dashner visiting set for the first time and Wes giving a tour around the Glade!

Waking up in the Box: Newt

The latest Waking up in the Box installment with Newt!

Check out the first installment: Waking up in the Box: Thomas

Newt put his hands against the cool metal of the wall to steady himself as the lift jolted to life. His name. Newt. Floated in his thoughts.
But it didn’t feel right. It felt wrong. Like someone had broken into his mind and spray-painted it there, a scribble of graffiti.

Three TMR TV Spots

Check out the first three The Maze Runner TV spots!

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Clip: Fight

Check out the second The Maze Runner movie clip featuring a bit of wrestling between Gally and Thomas!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TMR: Character Pieces

The Maze Runner Character Pieces premiered today, introducing each character (Thomas, Teresa, Gally, and Alby) and a little quote for each!

TMR Featured in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview 2014 double issue features The Maze Runner.

Below are quotes from Wes in the article:

First artwork after reading the book:
"I went and pulled up some of the 3D assets I made for Ruin. This one image was kind of my way into the story: This little concept image of this kid standing back-lit against the sun with these huge towering walls behind him. It was like Lord of the Flies. It’s dark and edgy and messy.”

On the young adult comparisons:
"It's more Lord of the Flies, especially in tone. We wanted to make it anti-young adult." 

On the Maze's believability:
“I wanted to make it feel like it was believable, that it wasn’t just magic. This isn’t a Harry Potter maze. We tried to ground it in as much reality as we could.”

On Maze construction and height:
"James had described it as a bunch of boxes arranged like a square. I had this idea of mirroring a clock that would count down. In the books he says they’re 400 feet. When I started doing my pre-vis stuff, I could design walls that were 400 feet, but what I found was, if they were 400 feet, you couldn’t fit them in the frame. It wasn’t an interesting shot,. We ended up in that zone of 100 to 150 feet, which felt massive enough that you felt like you were in a prison, but they weren’t so big that it was like we were looking at concrete the whole movie.”

On the Maze's stages:
"(Closer to the Glade's center) everything's very overgrown and concrete, then it starts to become a little more metal. Then you get to the edges and you really find the sci-fi. It’s like a machine they’re entering in to."

On how the Walls move:
”We couldn’t just have walls moving willy nilly everywhere. That’s where I came up with this grid pattern [not pictured]. It kind of reminds me of that Plinko game from The Price Is Right.

On the realistic nature of filming:
“I wanted them to have real sweat on their faces. It was 100 something degrees and they’d be running full sprint all day long. That was really fun stuff but it was tough stuff.”