Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Waking Up in the Box: Chuck

The latest Waking Up in the Box with Chuck!

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Darkness had swallowed Chuck's world, to the point that he couldn't remember what it had been like to be in the light.

Everything was noisy and cold and smelly. He sat within some kind of box, clanking as it steadily moved upward. Up and up and up.

His mind was a fuzzy mess, like sugar dissolving in cheap lemonade. He threw all his efforts into focusing on one thing. Only one. His mom.

As if she was on the other side of a thickening wall, he could barely hold onto her memory. Her sweet face, her soft touch. Her kind words.

Then she was gone. As if torn from his mind with a metal hook, ripped away, stolen. He started to forget the forgetting. Sadness filled him.

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