Thursday, August 14, 2014

TMR Featured in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview 2014 double issue features The Maze Runner.

Below are quotes from Wes in the article:

First artwork after reading the book:
"I went and pulled up some of the 3D assets I made for Ruin. This one image was kind of my way into the story: This little concept image of this kid standing back-lit against the sun with these huge towering walls behind him. It was like Lord of the Flies. It’s dark and edgy and messy.”

On the young adult comparisons:
"It's more Lord of the Flies, especially in tone. We wanted to make it anti-young adult." 

On the Maze's believability:
“I wanted to make it feel like it was believable, that it wasn’t just magic. This isn’t a Harry Potter maze. We tried to ground it in as much reality as we could.”

On Maze construction and height:
"James had described it as a bunch of boxes arranged like a square. I had this idea of mirroring a clock that would count down. In the books he says they’re 400 feet. When I started doing my pre-vis stuff, I could design walls that were 400 feet, but what I found was, if they were 400 feet, you couldn’t fit them in the frame. It wasn’t an interesting shot,. We ended up in that zone of 100 to 150 feet, which felt massive enough that you felt like you were in a prison, but they weren’t so big that it was like we were looking at concrete the whole movie.”

On the Maze's stages:
"(Closer to the Glade's center) everything's very overgrown and concrete, then it starts to become a little more metal. Then you get to the edges and you really find the sci-fi. It’s like a machine they’re entering in to."

On how the Walls move:
”We couldn’t just have walls moving willy nilly everywhere. That’s where I came up with this grid pattern [not pictured]. It kind of reminds me of that Plinko game from The Price Is Right.

On the realistic nature of filming:
“I wanted them to have real sweat on their faces. It was 100 something degrees and they’d be running full sprint all day long. That was really fun stuff but it was tough stuff.”


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