Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JustJared TMR Fan Screening in LA

JustJared organized a lovely fan screening of TMR and Q&A with the cast in LA. Check out all of the details from the cast below!



Q: Who would survive the Maze?"
Wes: "Kaya!"

Q: Were there pranks on set?
Dexter: Well, I kept getting love notes in my apron…"

Q: Blake, what was it like being the youngest on set?
Blake: "Well, no one really acts like adults!"

Q: Dylan, what was the transition from TV like?
Dylan: "It was similar. We only had forty-two days to shoot, so the pace was quick."

Q: Do you remember what you were doing the day you were cast?
Thomas: "I was doing absolutely nothing! The phone rang and that was it."

Q: Dylan, what do you do to prepare for serious scenes?
Dylan: "I get really nervous for things like that, they involve a lot of concentration and I have to work hard at it."

Q: Will, how did filming this differ from the comedies you've done?
Will: "I love doing comedy and drama - variety helps you stretch. With this cast, the camera cuts and we all just goof around."

Q: Any other character you would play?
A: Blake: "Minho, 'cause he's a badass."
Kaya: "I'd want to play a Griever."
Dylan: "Teresa."

From MazeRunnerMovie!

Behind the Scenes

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Check out more pictures of the fans at the screening at JustJared!

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