Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kaya and Will talk with Hypable

Kaya and Will talk all things The Maze Runner during Comic Con with Hypable.

Check out the highlights below:

Will on Gally's mentality:
Thomas is someone who’s looking to escape The Maze– he doesn’t feel safe, and wants to kind of lead in this democratic kind of style and I think for me, you know, as Gally, I have 100 percent faith in the area that we’ve worked to build up. I believe in our hierarchy, I have no desire to escape and I don’t believe there’s a world out there we can survive in or that’s better than the world we’ve created. So we kind of go head to head.

Will on reading the script and book:
I loved the script so I was so excited to read the book and it’s so comforting to see how well the script represents the book for the readership of The Maze Runner. It’s gonna be awesome for them to have so much that they recognize from the book and to sort of have the best loved features of the book celebrated in the film. James Dashner has been such a big supporter of the movie and absolutely loves it– he thinks the movie is even better than the book which is incredible for him to say.

Kaya on James Dashner's trust in Wes:
I think he really trusted Wes [Ball] which says a lot about what a great director Wes is. [James Dashner] knew that his vision was being looked after and he understands as well that there’s certain things that you can’t translate to film or maybe have to adjust lightly. He’s just been a really amazing supporter of that and just loves it– he tweeted just a few days ago that he’d seen the final product and that he cried!

Will on the mysterious water tank scene:
I think the last thing I did on the film was a flashback scene where I’m in a water tank, which is funny because I tweeted about it and the reaction was, ‘why is there a water tank? There weren’t water tanks in the book!’ but I promise you, it’s a cool scene and it was very fun to shoot! And Wes, I think, what he’s done in collaboration with James and the rest of the writing team, is they’ve managed to expand on the best features. They’ve taken the best features of the book, made sure they’re all there, and they’ve built upon them and developed the depth of them. The flashbacks, and the world that existed before we meet Thomas in The Glade is all there in a brilliantly conceptualized way.

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