Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fever Code: The Maze Runner Prequel

James Dashner's writing another The Maze Runner prequel: The Fever Code!

The Fever Code will explore the creation of the Maze and how the Gladers got there.

"From the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to write a prequel about Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby and all the Gladers that leads up to the very moment Thomas enters the Box. There are so many things hinted at that will be fun to reveal in depth. For years, fans have made it abundantly and enthusiastically clear that they want the same thing, so now seems like the perfect time to give readers the story of how the Maze began." -James Dashner on the novel.

We are shucking excited for The Fever Code!

The Maze Runner Chapter II: The Scorch Trials

After the worldwide success of The Maze RunnerThe Maze Runner Chapter 11: The Scorch Trials adaptation has been green-lit by Fox! To be released September 18, 2015.

Production will start at the end of October in New Mexico. Director Wes Ball has revealed that the preproduction process has been underway for some time.

"We've got stages, we've got crews coming in, Dylan [O'Brien] will be back in a few weeks, we're building sets, and the script is being written. It's a bit of a race this time because we're cautiously optimistic, but we're feeling excited we're about to do something that's way more sophisticated, way more grown up, and really set up a saga here."

What scenes are you most hoping to see onscreen? Twitter them to Wes Ball on Twitter!

Friday, September 26, 2014

James iBooks Twitter Q&A

James Dashner did a Q&A with iBooks's Twitter. Check it out in full below!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Method Studios: The Maze Runner Design FX

Check out this detailed and interesting background into the design FX behind the Grievers and Maze from Method Studios.

Dexter Darden talks with Dudley Media Group

Dudley Media Group talks with our Frypan, Dexter Darden, about set life, Frypan, and more.

Here are the highlights:

On how people can connect with Frypan:
I think Fry Pan is definitely all about the community of the glade and I think that’s what people will connect with. He cooks, he’s the chef of the glade and the only time people will come together is when they sit down and have a meal so he’s really about allowing Thomas to have a huge advantage but also giving Gally, played by Will Poulter, the opportunity to voice his opinion as well. He’s predominately the comedic relief and also the one who just wants to make sure that everybody has a say and that everybody is taken into consideration.

On how close of an adaptation it is:
It’s very, very, very similar. Our director Wes Ball did the best he could to keep it on track so that fans wouldn’t be upset. It’s definitely hard transferring a book of that caliber and that style to film because some things will play and some things won’t play on camera. James Dashner has given it the okay and we’ve done a lot of fan screenings too and not one fan has come back with a negative remark about it being different from the books. I think we stayed on track to keep it very similar and keep it very true to the book. The cool thing about being in a book series that’s turned into a movie and also the scary thing is kids read these books, young adults and teens read these books and they get an idea or vision of what a character looks like or what the Glade will look like and when it’s all brought to screen in a certain way we are then that image for the rest of their lives. It’s exciting but it’s also scary because you don’t want to disappoint any of the fans.

On the filming process:
It was exciting because the Maze in the Glade our director wanted that all to be real so they literally built a maze in the glade with moving doors. It was exciting to see these giant walls moving and that the production team actually cared about it and really put forth a huge effort. There were also times when it looks like we’re running through doors but we were really running through a green screen and our director was yelling at us the things that were supposed to be coming at us. To see how it all played on screen was exciting because people can’t tell the difference between the real maze and the CGI maze and I think that’s amazing.

Check out the rest of the article at the source!

Cast Promotional Photoshoot

Gorgeous cast promotional photoshoot!

TMR B-Roll Footage

Check out TMR b-roll footage! If you haven't seen the film yet, we suggest waiting until after viewing unless you're okay with spoilers.

Dylan featured in Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine features Dylan's turn from Teen Wolf to The Maze Runner.

On his shy nature:
I'm very shy. I wish more people believed me when I say that. Stiles is a version of me that rarely exists in the real world. He's so confident and extroverted, and I'm much more restrained and internal.

On understanding Thomas:
I sort of got Thomas right off the bat. He's the quintessential ordinary human being who is tossed into extraordinary circumstances. And he pulls this thing out of himself that's been there all along. It's a bravery born from and in spite of fear--and that's a really beautiful thing.

On working with Patricia Clarkson:
I only had a few days with her, but she’s actually so hilarious. Obviously I love and respect her as an actor, but our relationship was less advice giving and more her grabbing my chest and, you know, purring in my ear.

On how he deals with 'celebrity':
You’ve got to pull back a little. If you keep fighting it, it’ll just make you go crazy. Like, if you just keep saying to yourself, “No, I’m going to Chipotle and no one is going to fuck with me,” you’ll end up in a mental ward. Because someone is probably going to fuck with you when you walk into that Chipotle.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article at the source!

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Philly Star features TMR

The Philly Star features TMR talk with Wes, Kaya, and Dylan.

Here are the highlights:

Wes on casting:
We weren’t looking at faces, we weren’t looking at good looks, all that stuff — fortunately, we are okay in that department, too — but we found good actors that can be truthful. I wanted spectacle with an emotional core to it. I can’t just have shiny pictures.

Dylan on his audition:
 I was coming off work, I had hair and make-up and I was, like, ‘Oh, this is going to be great,’ yet it turned off the director. Things are funny like that. You don’t think about that. You kind of feel that directors understand that your hair could change and, you know, funny enough, I always roll out of bed and go to auditions and I’ll get flagged for, like, being dirty-looking. They are, like, ‘You should be more handsome like a leading man!’

Dylan on the metaphor of the Maze:
These movies have an undercurrent of metaphorical things and very much involve with growing up and being a teenager and what’s it like to be a teenager. The maze is a metaphor for growing up, for being a teenager.

Kaya on the public's interest in dystopian worlds:
Because it’s the unknown. We are just so aware of where we are in the world right now. We are sharing pictures of handbags on Instagram and things like that. We know this world. It’s not that great. Nothing is really happening. When you look for generations in history of young people, they have a movement — something happens in that generation. We haven’t done really anything. Nothing’s really happened apart from selfies. As a movement, as a group of teens, we haven’t had a thing. We are kind of fascinated with knowing what we could do, if we could be great, if we could actually accomplish something again, you know, the common man becoming the hero thing.

Check out the rest of the feature at the source!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

James and Wes talk with Jake Roper

While at ComicCon, Jake Roper talked with James Dashner and Wes Ball about The Maze Runner, adaptation process, ComicCon, and most important of all tacos.

Bonus Video: Jake talks Mazes.

Ki Hong Lee chats with NPR

Ki Hong Lee talks TMR, acting, and more with NPR in a brilliant interview you don't want to miss!

Thomas featured in Interview Magazine

Thomas was featured by Interview Magazine about TMR, Game of Thrones, musical leanings, and more.

On deciding to pursue acting:
It didn't take much persuasion. If you find something you're good at and you enjoy doing it and you're able to make a living out of it, that's what everyone strives for. I already had that at 10.

On his knowledge of the other cast members:
No, I knew of them, but I didn't know them personally. When I agreed to do it, I think Will was already attached and Kaya was already attached. I remember seeing their work for years and always really liking both of them, and Aml [Ameen] as well, who plays Alby. So I knew the Brits fairly well. I didn't know the Americans, but I knew if they'd cast those guys, then the whole cast was probably going to be quite good. I was pleased to see they'd gone for good quality, talented actors. When I got to the States, it became apparent that this is going to be better than I thought it was going to be, which was nice. Meeting [the director] Wes [Ball], I realized, "This guy's a bit of a visionary and I think he's going to have a good hold of the film." Basically, my experience of it got better and better the more I saw of it. I'd never done a big Fox teen movie before; I didn't really know what I was getting myself involved with. I thought I'd like to try it. But everyone involved—Wes and the whole cast and Enrique [Chediak], our director of photography, one of the most important people—was very, very passionate about it and treated it like a proper film, as opposed to just another YA-type, moneymaker. A lot of care and attention went into it and that's always nice, on any project.

On his musical tendencies:
I play bass. I play a bit of guitar. I've never been to a lesson, so my theory of music is non-existent in any instrument, but we always had guitars around. My dad taught me to play drums for Love Actually, and I still play drums now. But I'm not a "drummer."  I'm not a "guitarist." I'm trying to be a bassist. 

Make sure to check out the rest of the interview at the source!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thomas talks TMR and more with Vulture

Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks TMR, Game of Thrones, and more with Vulture.

Here are the highlights:

On set snake encounters:
By a baby rattlesnake. Which apparently is very dangerous, because they don't know how much venom to release, so they tend to release everything. But apparently it was a dry bite — no venom. He did get rushed to the hospital, just in case, though. We had snake wranglers on set every day, and at the beginning, when we first started using that location, they were catching about ten or 12 snakes a day, and that's including all the snakes, not just deadly ones. I think we had four — or five? — venomous snakes. A water moccasin. A rattlesnake. I can't remember the rest. The snake guys, they just know where to look. It's like they can sense it. It's their passion — it's what they love. They'll just know exactly where it is, before you've even seen it. But yeah, there were a couple times where we'd see something moving in the grass. It just became part of the location, where we were. And there were poisonous spiders as well. Black widows, brown recluses. Nasty, horrible things.

On Newt's accent and his own:
I know! I don't know why that is. I think in the book it hints that Newt is British. I suppose they wanted to kind of mix it up a bit, and show that these people come from all over, or at least, one of us does. But being an actor, an American accent is the main accent you have to do. [Starts speaking in American English] You have to be able to do a standard, generic accent of some type, and it helps a lot. [Shifts back to British English] But also, we grow up watching an awful lot of American films and TV, so most people in England can do an American accent. It may not be amazing, but you can get there.

On filming in the wilderness (a lot):
They say that I was that guy, but I don't remember being that guy! [Laughs.] I like the outdoors. They gave me a machete, and I was learning how to use it, chopping down trees. I've always been good with my hands. I like building and making things. And I just like the idea of being outside. I love the fact that we were surrounded by things that could kill you. That all helps who my character is. It felt like we were really in the place we were supposed to be in. Most of the stuff I do is location stuff. It's normally cold, wet, muddy, locations in England. I much prefer that to working in some studio somewhere, even if you're a lot warmer and spoiled with having craft services./ When you see sweat on us in the film, that's real sweat.

We all took turns cooking. I did a chicken. I did a roast chicken with garlic, rosemary, [and] bacon on top. Kind of standard, but we tried to do the food that would be home food, not restaurant food. The thing you'd miss is your mom's home cooking. Kaya [Scodelario] would do Brazilian dishes. Dexter [Darden] would do his mom's chicken and rice. So everyone would bring their dish, and we'd all meet in a room and share. It was great.

Check out the rest of the interview for more Game of Thrones goodies!

Cast talk TMR with XFinity

Kaya, Dylan, Will, and Dexter talked all things TMR with Xfinity.

Here are the highlights:

Will on making Gally less of a villain:
Yeah, I feel really blessed. I’ve been trusted with a challenge, so I’m grateful to Fox and [director Wes Ball], in particular, for that. With Gally, what we tried to do – and I think you’re right, I think he is a villain in the books – was try to make Gally more understandable, a little bit more rational, bring a bit more justification to him as a character and the way he went about things. I think it was easy to just kind of hate him, whereas I hope in the movie you can empathize with him on occasion and kind of understand where he’s coming from, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. I think Thomas certainly has the right idea, but Gally makes some kind of valid points against him at times. He’s just a bit of a douchebag.

On Dylan being the Beyonce of the Teen Wolf cast:
All: [laughs]
O’Brien: That’s so funny.
Poulter: He’s got the cutest booty, too.
O’Brien: Yeah, it only comes to play at those random things where I’m doing press for the movie and they’re there with the show and I have to have a whole different agenda for the day and I can’t be with them. At Comic Con, it was so weird. As an actor, I’m just excited that I got to do this and excited that it worked out at all. We literally shot this movie in the eight weeks that I had off with “Teen Wolf” and it almost didn’t even happen for a second. It’s so cool that it worked out and that I got to go do something else. I have two roles now… that I’ve done.

On free time on set:
Darden: We formed such a brotherhood. Even Kaya. I know she’s the only girl and she’s like a sister – she likes being part of the brotherhood. She’s like one of us as well. There was no difference in anything. We became so close as a cast and we were a strong support system for each other. Being able to have that vibe and camaraderie and be able to lean on each other whenever it was needed was amazing.
O’Brien: We’re also probably the most emotional group of dudes. If I had nickel for every time someone’s asked, “There’s gotta be a lot of testosterone!” I’m like, dude, you should see how we see each other and we’re always giving big hugs and kisses.
Poulter: Kaya’s there like, “Pull it together! Are they cuddling again?”

On Blake Cooper:
O’Brien: Yeah, I really loved Blake [Cooper]. He’s such a great kid. He impressed me. I would always forget that he was 12. He would always shine in the most hilarious moments. Like, you know… when he was just eating all the blueberries.
Poulter: [laughs]
O’Brien: He’s so funny. “These blueberries! They’re amazing! Did you have any?” He had two cups. Two full cups. He’s such a great kid. He’s so sweet. He’s also just so aware for his age and he’s so smart and he’s such a great actor. I’m always so in awe of him. We had such a brotherly relationship, but I’m so in awe of him because I could have never done what he’s doing at his age.

Check out the rest of this stellar interview at the source!

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Young Adult Magazine interviews Dexter Darden

Young Adult Magazine talks all things TMR and Frypan with Dexter Darden.

Here are the highlights:

On playing Frypan:
It's been an Honor! As an actor you get the opportunity to bring others’ words or visions to life. Being Frypan has allowed me to bring the image that thousands of young people have in their mind to life. When they read the book, they now envision me, and that in itself is a HUGE HONOR! Also working with this CAST has been amazing! We all became so close! I was just blessed to be a part of this unit!

On what he's most excited to see on screen:
I was excited to see the final fight scene! It took us a week to shoot that scene, so I was excited to see how it would play in the film. Needless to say I was not disappointed! I am excited for everyone to see what Grievers looks like. Our director Wes Ball did such a good job visually crafting these things. They will definitely have you on the edge of your seat!

On fun behind the scenes moments:
O yea!!! As I said the cast got so close, so we were always joking around and messing with each other on set. There were prank wars, water fights, rap battles, and we were always cracking jokes. I was normally behind the pranks and jokes with Dylan and Will, but even I got pranked! Frypan wears a big ole cooking apron with tons of Knives and pockets. Towards the second week of shooting I started getting Love Letters in my pockets from an anonymous source. Saying that she loved me and thought I was cute and left a phone number. This went on for weeks! About 1 month later I found out the letters were coming from my brother Will Poulter! HE got me good! 

On the best professional advice he's received:
The Legendary Paul Newman told me something I will never forget: "Auditioning is the job. Booking is the reward." Pretty much saying even though I have had amazing opportunities, I can’t take those for granted. I have to remain hungry for what I do, so that I can keep doing what I love.

Check out the rest of the article at the source!

Thomas talks with Teen

Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks all things TMR with Teen!

Here are the highlights:

On how he became Newt:
I heard about it through my agent. They sent me the scripts, and I read it and really liked the premise of it. I like the way that it was about a bunch of boys put together... To survive, they had to unite and come together and support one another and I liked that a lot about it, and then I just put myself down on tape. I originally went down for Newt and for Gally. Will, who plays Gally, he also went for Newt and for Gally. Then I didn't hear back for... two or three months? I just believed that I hadn't got it, and suddenly they called me up and said, 'You got it,' and that was it.

On cast member who he'd take into the Maze with him:
Oh, I don't know... Dylan, he's actually very quick, he's actually a good runner, he groundbreaks fast, but then he'd just leave me behind. *laughs* Yeah, I'd go with Dylan; he's funny too.

On forming bromances on set:
Oh yeah, of course, everyone. It was a set full of boys, and we genuinely really like each other an awful lot, we got along very well, and respected one another as professionals as well. I like them all, I do. I mean, they're all very, very different people. We work really well as a group. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was very hot, and in that way it was quite stressful. There were a lot of snakes and spiders around, BUT what was great was that everyone was so relaxed and everyone was just having a good time and wanted to be there and got an awful lot into what they’re doing. So in between shots it was just a laugh; it was just fun, every minute.

On The Scorch Trials:
Not really. I've been told that we go ahead at, like... the end of October? Something like that? I haven't seen a script or anything like that. I suppose it'd have to depend on how it does in the box office, the first one. But yeah, we'll get to make it.

On if Dylan was the Teresa to his Thomas, telepathy wise, what would be on Dylan's mind:
We'd probably try to think of the weirdest thoughts. Or be in a situation where we'd try to say the same thing at the same time.

On keeping in touch with the cast:
Yes, completely. We all have a group chat/texting thing, so we're always texting. Or when we're doing a bit of press and stuff, others will fly out to see us because we're getting together in NY or fly out to LA. Yeah, we're still very much in touch. It's really nice. We're friends for life.

Check out the rest of the interview at the source!

Teen Vogue features Ki Hong Lee

Ki Hong Lee's featured in Teen Vogue Young Hollywood special.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Dream Roles and Collaborations:

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes


Cast on 106 and Park

Dylan O'Brien, Jacob Latimore, and Ki Hong Lee were on 106 and Park to promote TMR!

Kaya in Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine features Kaya where she talks about TMR and more!

Here are the highlights:

On nudity on film:
I believe there are some things meant only for you and the person you love. In any case, my mom is too traditional—she'd get the wooden spoon out and smack me up!

On her mum: 
We come from a very humble background. A lot of my paycheck from Skins went to paying the bills and getting us a new sofa. My house now is a shit-hole, but my mom's is lovely.

On her reaction to the script: 
Am I going to be in some weird love triangle? It's purely about survival. These young people are trying to work out where they are and who has put them in this forest.

On being the lone girl on set:
I like to have fun. I'm also a bit of the crazy one. All my friends are boys. I was bullied a lot by girls in school. There was also too much drama and demands.

Be sure to read the rest of the lovely interview at the source!

Wes Ball talks with LA Times

Wes Ball talks Dylan, James Dashner, and more with the LA Times.

Check out the highlights below:

On the onscreen grime:
When you see people in the movie looking sweaty and dirty, it’s real. We didn’t want anything that was too polished or bubble gum. We wanted something that was real and edgy and hard.

On the process of making TMR:
There was a bliss in the naive approach to things. Sometimes we would do things a little differently and it would work and be fine. We were all trying to prove ourselves a little bit too.

On adaptation faithfulness and James Dashner:
I was like, there’s a reason this book is so popular with kids. Let’s not lose the spirit. Throughout the process I reached out to James and just kept him in the loop, kind of invited him into the process really early on. He’s a cheerleader for us.

Check out the rest of the article at the source!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Regal Cinemas TMR Sneak Peek

Check out the cast and creatives present a sneak peek at TMR for Regal Cinemas!

Maze Runner Comic Book

TMR comic book detailing part of Alby's time in the Glade, that premiered at ComicCon, has finally been revealed!

My Friend George

The Maze Runner App

In super awesome news, there's now a The Maze Runner app for iPad and iPhones in the iTunes store!

Journey through the Maze dodging various obstacles. Collect clues and unlock new levels. Get running because you must complete your tasks before the Doors close!

Be sure to check it out and download it here!

NYC Fan Pictures

The post in which we compile all fan pictures that were not taken at an event!

Fan Pictures

1, 2

Cast Clips and Conversations at 92Y

James Dashner and the TMR cast participated in a Clips and Conversations Q&A at the 92Y in NYC. Chris Sheffield, Kaya Scodelario, Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Alexander Flores, and Jacob Latimore were in attendance.

Cast on TODAY Show

Dylan O'Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Patricia Clarkson, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster appeared on the TODAY Show to promote The Maze Runner.