Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kaya in Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine features Kaya where she talks about TMR and more!

Here are the highlights:

On nudity on film:
I believe there are some things meant only for you and the person you love. In any case, my mom is too traditional—she'd get the wooden spoon out and smack me up!

On her mum: 
We come from a very humble background. A lot of my paycheck from Skins went to paying the bills and getting us a new sofa. My house now is a shit-hole, but my mom's is lovely.

On her reaction to the script: 
Am I going to be in some weird love triangle? It's purely about survival. These young people are trying to work out where they are and who has put them in this forest.

On being the lone girl on set:
I like to have fun. I'm also a bit of the crazy one. All my friends are boys. I was bullied a lot by girls in school. There was also too much drama and demands.

Be sure to read the rest of the lovely interview at the source!

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