Saturday, September 13, 2014

James Dashner talks with Justine Magazine

Justine Magazine had a lovely interview with James Dashner about all things The Maze Runner.

Here are the highlights:

On which character is closest to his vision:
I'd have to say Chuck, played by Blake Cooper. I mean, it's plain eerie. Blake is Chuck and Chuck is Blake.

On which casting surprised him most:
Will Poulter. This is a testament to his ridiculous acting abilities: I didn't see how in the world he was going to be Gally. Don't get me wrong, I was THRILLED to have him cast. I knew we'd scored a gold mine. I just didn't know exactly how he planned to tackle the role. But now I can't believe I ever thought that. He's so perfect and so wonderful, he's absolutely become Gally to me in every way.

On what scene he was most impressed with in the film:
The first appearance of a Griever. I'd been on set and seen a lot of footage, but never really the Grievers because they were mostly done in post production. I had high expectations and it still blew me away. They are AWESOME!

On what he loves most about the film:
No doubt: the characters. As amazing as the film is in so many ways (in my humble opinion)—visually, the sound, the excitement, the music—I was still most impressed by how much emotion Wes pulled out of the actors. And how well they pulled it off. I left the movie having been most affected by their performances.

On what makes Dylan the perfect Thomas:
First and foremost, he's an incredible actor. Anyone who watches Teen Wolf has seen this for themselves, especially in Season 3. He nailed the part, plain and simple. He is Thomas. The legion of fans he brings to the film won't hurt either!

Check out the rest of the interview here!

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