Sunday, September 14, 2014

Variety chats with Dylan

Variety caught up with Dylan to talk all things TMR, Teen Wolf, Comic Con, and more!

Here are the highlights:

On getting on with Will Poulter:
Straight off the bat, we just clicked. When I met up with him later in his room, the whole cast was there cooking dinner. From there on out, we were always together.

On the passion of the TMR and TW fanbases:
I haven’t gotten a huge glimpse of the “Maze Runner” fan-base quite yet. Seems similar with age and casting, and they share a similar audience. To me the “Maze Runner” fans have been so supportive of everything I have done. It makes it easier to adapt a book that is popular with kids because of how excited they are about the project you don’t get the criticisms you would get with other projects.

On comparing the TW and TMR shoots:
(In “Teen Wolf”), my character has the least amount of action on the show. It’s kind of the same mode as “Maze Runner.” Both characters are always helpless and trying to survive.

More of the article at the source! Pictures Via.

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