Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thomas talks TMR and more with Vulture

Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks TMR, Game of Thrones, and more with Vulture.

Here are the highlights:

On set snake encounters:
By a baby rattlesnake. Which apparently is very dangerous, because they don't know how much venom to release, so they tend to release everything. But apparently it was a dry bite — no venom. He did get rushed to the hospital, just in case, though. We had snake wranglers on set every day, and at the beginning, when we first started using that location, they were catching about ten or 12 snakes a day, and that's including all the snakes, not just deadly ones. I think we had four — or five? — venomous snakes. A water moccasin. A rattlesnake. I can't remember the rest. The snake guys, they just know where to look. It's like they can sense it. It's their passion — it's what they love. They'll just know exactly where it is, before you've even seen it. But yeah, there were a couple times where we'd see something moving in the grass. It just became part of the location, where we were. And there were poisonous spiders as well. Black widows, brown recluses. Nasty, horrible things.

On Newt's accent and his own:
I know! I don't know why that is. I think in the book it hints that Newt is British. I suppose they wanted to kind of mix it up a bit, and show that these people come from all over, or at least, one of us does. But being an actor, an American accent is the main accent you have to do. [Starts speaking in American English] You have to be able to do a standard, generic accent of some type, and it helps a lot. [Shifts back to British English] But also, we grow up watching an awful lot of American films and TV, so most people in England can do an American accent. It may not be amazing, but you can get there.

On filming in the wilderness (a lot):
They say that I was that guy, but I don't remember being that guy! [Laughs.] I like the outdoors. They gave me a machete, and I was learning how to use it, chopping down trees. I've always been good with my hands. I like building and making things. And I just like the idea of being outside. I love the fact that we were surrounded by things that could kill you. That all helps who my character is. It felt like we were really in the place we were supposed to be in. Most of the stuff I do is location stuff. It's normally cold, wet, muddy, locations in England. I much prefer that to working in some studio somewhere, even if you're a lot warmer and spoiled with having craft services./ When you see sweat on us in the film, that's real sweat.

We all took turns cooking. I did a chicken. I did a roast chicken with garlic, rosemary, [and] bacon on top. Kind of standard, but we tried to do the food that would be home food, not restaurant food. The thing you'd miss is your mom's home cooking. Kaya [Scodelario] would do Brazilian dishes. Dexter [Darden] would do his mom's chicken and rice. So everyone would bring their dish, and we'd all meet in a room and share. It was great.

Check out the rest of the interview for more Game of Thrones goodies!

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