Friday, June 27, 2014

WonderCon 2014 Masterpost

Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, director Wes Ball, and author James Dashner attended WonderCon to promote The Maze Runner.

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Press Conference


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Wes on how he became attached to the project:
Fox gave me the book after we were talking about my first short film, "Ruin," over there. They pulled me aside and gave me this book. I went home and read it. Afterwards they asked me, "What would you do with this?" They gave me their version of the script at the time. I read the book and I kind of connected with it right away and started getting all kinds of ideas flooding in. I immediately went and started making some concept art. I still have one or two of those pieces that, like two days after I read the book, I made. I'll put them out there at some point. There's that first shot of the wall. This big, huge monolithic wall with a door opening and these little guys down at the bottom. That was the first thing I made and I was like, "Yes! I want to see this movie!"

Dylan on fan experience:
It's just been so exciting. They've been nothing but welcoming and supportive and positive. They're just happy and as excited as we are. We had a great time on this movie. We had a great time coming together and making it. We really put everything into it. To have it be something we're proud of it and and to have it be something that the fans are so excited for, too, just makes it such a great experience. It's probably rare, I imagine. I mean I have a pretty young career. I'm going to be spoiled now.

Wes on the post-poned release date:
There was no way that was going to happen. I mean, basically that would’ve been from the start of shooting to release, eight months. War of the Worlds barely got that done with Spielberg so there was just no way it was going to happen. I think what happened is essentially that I showed them my first cut of the movie and we all saw wow, it was actually a really great move on Fox’s part because they saw this could be really cool. We need to give this the time that it needs to continue to develop and make the effects as good as they possibly could. To me, it was their show of confidence in the movie. I wish it didn’t have to get pushed so far, but hey.

Dylan on reading The Maze Runner after being cast:
Yeah, I think it takes a while for that to set in. When I first read the book, it was in preproduction when we were just getting started. At that point I didn’t really go through the experience as him yet. It was almost hard for me to see myself. I pictured a little version of myself. Interestingly enough, I read younger in the book. I pictured them all younger in the book for some reason.

T.S. Nowlin on advice to writers:
Team up with somebody like Wes. Team up with someone who has a vision, who can visually interpret ideas, who can animate, come up with actors. Put on a play, make something. Don’t just send off scripts and have it be in a pile on somebody’s desk.

On filming in Baton Rouge:
Will: It was dope, it was cool. What makes the experience unique is we became a true family. Wes really made the characters and how close they were a focus, so we got to bond and work on that. We literally lived together!

Wes: I had this little boot camp that happened the week before, and had everyone go out into the Glade -- this location that we made -- and spend time out there together. My thinking was that it would kind of bond them together and make them think that they've been living in this place for an extended period of time and it just worked. I don't know if the boot camp had anything to do with it, they're all just nice people that they love each other. But I'll take a little bit of credit.

Dylan: The first day, I remember, we exchanged numbers and you were like 'Hey, let me know when you're off.' So I did, and you were like "We're all in my room cooking and stuff, grab some food." I was like, "What?!"

Wes: It was like a summer camp!

Will on meeting Kaya:
The first time we met Kaya, it was the funniest thing. We were all in the yard playing this weird game, throwing like four different types of balls at each other and trying to catch them. And Kaya literally comes in, opens up the door, has a cigarette in her mouth, picks up the football, throws it and is like "Hi, I'm Kaya" and everyone is like "Oh my god."

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