Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kaya Scodelario talks with Flicks and the City

In a chat with Flicks and the City, Kaya discusses the last series of Skins and her latest film projects, including The Maze Runner!.

Video and quote highlights below (starts at 3:05):

About being involved in The Maze Runner
I'm so excited. It's a dream come true and it's a really, really cool trilogy. There's no lovey dovey romancey stuff. It's very much hardcore. It's about survival. It's about people finding out what's going on, conspiracies, and it's very intelligent. And I'm absolutely honored to be apart of it. I cannot wait to start filming.

On the British cast:
Really good British cast there, as well. All playing American. 

On filming:
In Louisiana for ten weeks. I fly out in a couple of days and I'm really excited.

Be sure to catch the rest of the interview for more Skins and film talk!

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