Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dylan mentions TMR with Collider

While promoting Teen Wolf, Dylan mentions The Maze Runner, it's pushed released date, and more. 

Here are the highlights:

Have you gotten to see The Maze Runner yet?

No.  I’ve gotten to do some ADR, though, so I’ve gotten to see some.  It looks beautiful.  I hope that people like it.  I really think it looks great, so far.  I haven’t seen how the movie came out, but the cinematography looked fucking great when I saw it.  I was very happy to see that.  I just implicitly trust that director, Wes Ball.  I absolutely fell in love with that guy, within a week of shooting.  He is one of my favorite people.  I would do any movie of his, ever.  He’s just got such a great energy.  He’s so confidence without ever being cocky.  He’s the most likeable, regular dude, who happens to also be a genius, and have a really good feel for film and storytelling.  He’s great, and so were the producers and cast.  It was so our thing, and we loved it so much.  We hope people like it because we had so much fun doing it.  The whole cast is in love with the story.  I’m in love with the story and characters.  We were all really close on the shoot, and we had a great little family.  I really hope it does well, just because we all want to go back and do it again, so badly. 

After the release date got pushed, were you relieved to learn that they picked up the option on the second book?

Totally.  And the news that it got pushed is good news, even without the option on the second book.  It only means that they’re not trying to spit it out.  They’re giving Wes more time to get the cut that he wants.  It just means that they’re liking what they see, so they’re investing more into it. 

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