Sunday, June 22, 2014

James Dashner's Set Visit Blog

James Dashner visited The Maze Runner set for a couple of days and blogged about his experience on his website.

Here are the highlights:

On The Glade: 
One of my favorite things about this trip was that everyone referred to the Glade as the Glade. Not the set, or anything else. The Glade. Like it was a real  place, which upon visiting, it feels just like that. The crew members (and there are many, literally hundreds, who are working on this movie) are doing an excellent job of making it come to life.

On Wes Ball:
Wes gave me a tour of the Glade, leading me from one giddy moment to the next. I loved his enthusiasm. At some points he’d suddenly drop into a crouch and hold his hands out, making a frame, sweeping to show me the scene he envisioned for that spot of woods or field or building. Just like I tweeted, I know I’m the person MOST excited about this movie, but Wes comes in at a pretty close second.
Fanart and the Grievers:

Wes gave me a tour of his office, where each wall is covered with concept art for the film. Once again he displayed that kid-in-a-candy-store enthusiasm, describing scenes, showing off the Grievers, telling me how his vision for the movie will come to life. I loved every minute of this. And let me tell you this: the Grievers are going to terrify audiences worldwide. Their transformation to a cinematic experience on the big screen will be perfect. Bigger and nastier.

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