Thursday, June 26, 2014

James Dashner Analyzes the Trailer

Entertainment Weekly indepth analyzes The Maze Runner's first trailer with James Dashner.

Here are some highlights:

The trailer begins just like the book did. Although I described the opening sequence as total darkness in the book, that wouldn’t make very good sense for a movie. I think Wes Ball captured the spirit of that pivotal opening moment so perfectly, showing the terror in Thomas’s eyes and the dirt and sweat and jerky movements of it all. The sounds are so perfect, cranking and squealing and metallic jolts. I got chills when the doors opened.

More than anything else, the capture of the Maze walls as Thomas spins around matches my vision 100 percent. I can’t believe how perfectly they nailed that in this film.

People are going to go nuts when they hear Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) speak for the first time. He and Minho are fan favorites in the books by a long shot.

There’s a very quick shot of Gally looking through a window, under water. I’m going to enjoy very much hearing my readers wonder what in the world that’s all about.

Definitely be sure to check out the rest of the shot by shot analysis by James at the source!

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