Monday, June 23, 2014

Entertainment Weekly features The Maze Runner

Entertainment Weekly featured The Maze Runner, including an exclusive on the Maze concept art pictured below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly talked with Wes Ball for the article as well. Here are the highlights:

Wes Ball on the concept art:
It was for me, really. I like writing images. I started daydreaming about what it’s like to be at those doors and looking up at those walls.

On the film's opening:
The story begins with the lead character, Thomas, awakening inside a rusting, rumbling industrial elevator, which ascends from some unfathomable depth — into a peaceful meadow. He has no idea who he is or where he comes from. “The doors open and deposit him in this rustic, idyllic place surrounded by walls on all sides,” says Ball.

On Thomas:
Thomas is the boy who takes that step forward when everybody else takes a step back. He’s curious. That’s partly perceived as a threat, but it actually may be the thing that gets him out.

On Gally:
He and Thomas are two sides of the same coin. Thomas fully embraces and charges into the unknown and Gally is all about self-preservation and keeping things safe and normal. Over the years, the boys have developed ways of doing things that actually prevent them from finding a way out.

On Teresa: 
She is this mysterious, almost harbingers of doom. When she comes up, it all goes bad.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview at Entertainment Weekly with Wes for more on each character!

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