Monday, June 23, 2014

Dylan O'Brien talks with Collider

While promoting The Internship, leading man Dylan O'Brien talks with Steve Weintraub of about The Maze Runner. 

Starts around 4:10.

What got you to sign onto this big project?

Getting to do anything like this, for me, is really cool. Even just getting the chance for audition for it, go out for it, is awesome. And, for me, the reason I'm so excited about it is, because I think it can be really something original within the whole dystopian--post-apocalyptic universe. I think it's a really cool take on that and something that hasn't really been done. It does get compared to The Hunger Games a lot and that's an amazing thing, but it's a different thing. It's a different world. I think it's cool. I just genuinely think it's really, really cool. I think it can succeed on a lot of levels with a lot of different people. And the fans of the book are so excited and so into it that they've gotten me really into it. I'm reading the book right now and it's awesome. It's just like a cool world. It's unique. It's a little like Lord of the Flies, Lost Boys almost. It's edgy, but it's interesting, and you don't know--there's a huge picture. The first book only covers such a tiny little bit of it with the way to go with it in the other movies and books. You find out so much about what's really going on. I just think that's awesome.

Has he bought himself anything since he got the role?
Uhhh, the book!

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