Friday, June 27, 2014

Dylan and James chat with CBR TV

ComicBook Resources TV talks with Dylan and James Dashner about all things The Maze Runner.

James on if the film lives up to his novel:
Honest, total truth, is I cannot believe how much they matched my vision. I’ve just been pleasantly surprised, shocked, over and over how spot-on they’ve been with the script, the maze itself, the blade — I just could not be more thrilled, and I’m not just blowing smoke. It’s awesome.

Dylan on what he brought of himself to Thomas:
A lot. Like you said, as an actor you’re always going to be pouring a lot of yourself into your roles. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, that’s a beautiful thing, that’s just what should be happening. Thomas, the things I relate to with him is he’s a thinker. He’s constantly considering things and curious about things and he’s not just content not knowing. There’s a bravery, there’s a courage inside of him, it’s a passion it’s a fire. It’s something not many people have and I feel like in areas of my life — you go back and forth about feeling that way. You’ve got something inside you that’s good, and then it’s all about trying to stay passionate and stay fiery. But Thomas it just comes so naturally. He’s a born leader, and that’s what I love about him. Watching him realize it is my favorite thing about the story and about the role and the character. I like to think that I have some of that [Laughs] in my bones in real life, but if I go toe-to-toe with Thomas I lose.


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