Thursday, June 26, 2014

James Dashner talks with Page To Premiere

Page to Premiere caught up with James Dashner and talked all things The Maze Runner adaptation.

Here are the highlights:

On green screen maze area on set:
I went to set twice! The first time, I got to see the Glade and Wes gave me a personal tour of the maze and the set where they do scenes in the maze and all that, before the actors came. Then I went back towards the end of filming, and actually got to meet the actors and watch them film a few scenes. It was just so amazing on two fronts, one because I love movies, and one, because it’s my book! It’s just weird. It’s surreal, and crazy, and awesome.

On his cameo in the film: 
Yeah! That was absolutely incredible. I’ve been joking with my family and everything, that I’m a Hollywood star now! Just to be on set, to get a costume, and get makeup, and get the director to call action. I mean…I’m in a scene! It was just an absolute surreal dream come true. But yes, I am in the movie!

On Wes Ball:
It’s just the perfect scenario, because Wes has been getting a ton of buzz for a few years. People know that he has a great vision, and he’s finally getting his first chance at a major film. It’s cool because he has every incentive in the world, potentially the start of his amazing career, and this is his chance to prove himself. So I have every confidence that he’s going to throw his whole heart and soul into it. Just seeing what he’s capable of now, first hand, I’m telling you he’s going to get a lot of kudos for this film.

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