Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wes talks TST Trailer

Entertainment Weekly caught up with director Wes Ball for the scoop on the new trailer!

Here are the highlights:

On the virus:
In the last movie we said these kids are immune to the virus, but in the second book we learn they actually are infected. So that will sort itself out in the movie. The question is who is immune and who isn’t. That’s a mystery we hold out.

On Aidan Gillen playing Janson (Rat-Man):
He plays essentially the villain of the movie, this character named Janson – or what the book fans would know as Rat-Man. We expanded his role in this movie and he’s really fun to watch onscreen.

On Aris:
In the book he was a contemporary of Thomas, very much that version of him in the other maze. But I just felt I didn’t need another handsome, strapping man to compete with Thomas. I wanted someone who would be a little more of a little brother to him. So I changed it slightly.

On Thomas as a leader:
His character is responsible for taking the kids from the last movie and fleeing this maze at great cost. A lot of people died, some of them his best friends. So Thomas has a lot of guilt resting on his shoulders. And he might be doing it again, marching these kids into dangerous situations. He’s wrestling with the responsibility of being a leader. Sometimes you make the wrong choices.

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