Monday, May 18, 2015

Radio Times talks TST with James

Radio Times recently caught up with James Dashner to talk all things The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.

Check out the highlights:

On the biggest challenge in adapting TST:
The biggest issue was that some of the changes we made in the first one had ripple effects that affected the second book even more so. For the second movie, we really tried hard to stay true to the spirit and tone of the book and keep some of the major scenes, but we had a little bit more of an increase in changes between book and movie. But I think my readers will be happy with it.

On blending TST and The Death Cure:
Basically it just made sense to move a big chunk of the third book to the second film. It’s not a death or anything like that. It’s a major exciting part of the third book that’s now in the second movie. Then when we get to the third movie, things will align back to the books more strongly. I’ve kind of been prepping my fans already to prepare themselves for that.

On not splitting The Death Cure film into two:
Two main reasons. The first is that the books have always lent themselves to three parts – that’s why I wrote the books in three parts. It seems disingenuous to try and split that into four parts just to make some more money. Secondly, I’ve definitely sensed an annoyance among other fandoms when these books are split into two parts. I felt like it was truer to the books and truer to our fans to keep it to three movies.

On writing The Fever Code:
I am busy writing the first draft. I have it all outlined and everything. It’s really fun to be writing some of these scenes that I’ve been alluding to and have known in my head for years and years. I’m having a good time writing it. I’ve resurrected some characters. Since we’ve gone back in time a little bit, they’re all alive and well. I don’t know about well – but they’re alive.

On Thomas and Teresa's romance:
I think it will have the same tone as they first one – that they have a connection, but they’re not in the right type of situation to date. It seems ridiculous to have this beautiful romance in the midst of all this horror. It’s more about friendship and loyalty and that includes everyone. Thomas and Teresa can tell they had a connection before the maze and that’s really the only difference between them – they’re just a little bit closer. I think you’ll see that a little bit more in the second film, but not too much.

On the Cranks:
The biggest goal was to make them terrifying and then our second biggest goal was to make sure they didn’t come across as zombies. People are just going to be blown away; they are terrifying and hideous and don’t necessarily look like zombies. They definitely keep their human aspect – that’s what they are: humans that caught this crazy, insane virus. So they keep that humanity, which I think is what makes them so terrifying. The Grievers are just big monsters, so they’re scary, but not horrifying. But the fact that you can still see the humanity in the Cranks makes them all the scarier. So they’re going to give people nightmares…

Be sure to read the rest of the interview over at Radio Times!


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