Monday, May 18, 2015

MTV Scorch Trials Behind the Scenes

During filming, MTV got to visit the set of Scorch Trials. Check out their behind the scenes look and interviews with Dylan, Thomas, and Wes.

Dylan on the transition between the films:
At the end of the first film, some of the Gladers make it out and basically, what the Gladers find out is that the world has been taken over by this virus/disease called The Flare. It's like Walking Dead all of a sudden.

Thomas on the film's narrative:
They're thrown into this world with these people that tell us things. They find out that those things aren't necessarily the truth and it's all just a kind of learning experience of trying to find out what the hell's going on.

Wes on adapting the novel(s):
James's been very involved in the choices that we've been making in adapting his book and our approach has basically been to take the rest of his stories, the (next) two books he's created, and we're making two movies out of that rather than just a straight adaptation of the second book. We need to start laying a nice linear arch for these characters for the rest of the saga.

On what to expect from the film:
Wes: A lot of action, a lot of fun, and hopefully the new kind of look at what the franchise we started with in the Maze.

Thomas: I think that the fans will just enjoy seeing us in just a completely different circumstance.

Dylan: The book's insane and we're bringing a lot of that to the movie. It really just opens up the world that was such a mystery in the first one. Of course, with what Wes does with it, it's even cooler. The movie's gonna look amazing, so a little less pressure off of me this time. It's going to be real cool for the fans. I can't wait for them to see it!

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