Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kaya talks with The Daily Mail

Kaya talks The Maze Runner, her upbringing, and more with The Daily Mail.

Here are the highlights:

On Teresa:
Teresa is tough and mysterious. She’s very much one of the leaders. Like everyone else, she has woken up with no memory, but she’s willing to fight and to risk her life.

On working with Dylan:
Working with Dylan has given me a lot of street cred with my little cousins; they all love Teen Wolf. Dylan is a proper sweetheart. And Will [Poulter] is lovely. It was great to have a fellow Londoner there, and we have a similar friendship group; we know people in common.

On her parents:
My mum was a great dad. She still is; she plays both roles perfectly. She can be stern, but she is also giving and kind. She’s my biggest inspiration. When she first moved to England, she made food for Brazilian restaurants, then she worked in the accounting department of a hospital; now she’s studying art therapy. It was difficult when my dad died, but it’s something a lot of people go through and I have found a way to push on from it. I feel inspired to make him as proud as I can. He’s always with me.

On playing strong female characters:
It would be incredibly boring to just play the pretty girl. My mum wants me to play strong roles, and she has told me that I’m not allowed to do nudity yet, and I agree with her. I would never do it unless it was an integral part of the story. I wouldn’t do a film like Fifty Shades Of Grey – not in a million years!

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