Monday, November 3, 2014

Kaya chats with i-D Magazine

Kaya's featured by i-D Magazine talking about The Maze Runner, her childhood and more.

Here are the highlights:

On the party bus:
On the weekends we’d get a bright pink party bus to come and pick us up. It had furry leopard print walls and a stripper pole, and we’d get them to take us to New Orleans for some fun.

On watching herself on screen:
I hate watching myself. It’s weird. It doesn’t get any easier. It’s a very personal thing. You kind of want to do the film and then forget about it, and then you see it again a year later and you end up hating yourself.

On her Brazilian roots:
 My instincts are Brazilian. I have the polite, quiet English side, but I’m fiery like a Brazilian. I just feel like it’s my culture, like I fit.

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High quality picture from JustKaya!

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