Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cast talks The Scorch with MTV

Cast and crew of The Scorch Trials talks with MTV about the scorching atmosphere they shot in New Mexico.

Dylan: There's a whole new world that we dive into. The first one, we're just in the Glade and in the Maze. In this one, you really see what's on the outside. We have Jorge's lair. We have 'what is the world now', which is basically a desert. This mall that we're shooting in right now is underground; it's literally covered and buried in sand. We get to see WCKD.

Wes: The types of scenes are so different than the first movie. With the Cranks it's about being scared and locked in these dark places with just flashlights. I love that really raw and real sense. We're not really doing a lot of movie lighting. It's just flashlights, which makes it terribly scary. They go out into the open world and the giant desert, sand dunes swallowing the whole world, basically. It's fun to open up the world, essentially. Even though they're out of the Maze, these characters are still lost. We get to play with those ideas in a new setting. That's been the most fun, so far.

Thomas: It's a lot bigger. Being on the sand dunes and seeing the light going down, it was quite spectacular. The general aesthetic of the film is very different. Lots of green, it's very dark, very smoky. None of us at this stage know what's going on at all. In the first film, we kind of had a rough idea of what was going on, but Thomas has no idea what's going on (in this one). So it's a constant learning process for us.

Kaya: We have a moment where we just acknowledge the horizon and acknowledge that this is the first time that these kids have seen distance and openness. I think that's really interesting this time around. We're a lot more exposed this time and more vulnerable, but there's more hope in that. Keep going. There's no barrier. Just a load of crazy Cranks.

You can tell the cast is so excited by the changes that the Scorch brought!

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