Friday, August 14, 2015

Scorch Trials featured in EW's Fall Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly features The Scorch Trials in their Fall Movie Preview issue.

Dylan on asking Wes about Scorch running:
I asked him (Wes) how much running I had ahead of me. Even though I knew that the movie could take a different direction, I just love running.

Wes on Thomas:
Thomas is more mature and a little unsure of himself. I think Dylan really ate it up.

Dylan on Teen Wolf:
It literally became my acting school, where I went every day for six months every year.

Dylan on his childhood before acting:
I was very shy. I would take piano lessons, but would never perform in the recitals.

Patricia Clarkson on Dylan:
He has a great emotional depth and he has great humor. Some young actors struggle with one or the other, and I think they're both easy for him. He has emotions at his fingertips.

Dylan on his future projects:
I just hope to do good stuff, where I feel appropriate being the one telling that story.

Check the article out in print in Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview on stands now!

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