Wednesday, March 4, 2015

T. S. Nowlin Will Script The Death Cure

In super exciting news, T. S. Nowlin is on board to script Maze Runner: The Death Cure, completing his work on the trilogy.

Nowlin returns after co-writing The Maze Runner with Noah Oppenheim and Grant Pierce Myers, and solely writing Scorch Trials

We are for a really excited about Nowlin's continued involvement for a variety of reasons: it's clear that he truly cares about the integrity of the story and does what it takes to adapt the essence of it to the film medium in the most realistic ways possible, works well with director Wes Ball to continue this grounded mindset, and lastly, continuity is key! Having the same writer for the whole trilogy is uncommon, especially in YA adaptations, but nonetheless we are grateful Nowlin's committed to the world until the end. 

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